Curso Oracle Application Express APEX

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Curso Oracle Application Express APEX

24 horas
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Curso Oracle Application Express APEX é para desenvolvedores que desejam obter uma compreensão prática de como usar o Oracle Application Express (APEX).

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  • Necessário  que os participantes deste curso devem ter alguma experiência com SQL e PL/SQL.
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Conteúdo Programatico

Introducing Application Express

  1. What is Application Express(APEX)
  2. Benefits of APEX
  3. History of APEX
  4. Architecture Overview - logical and physical
  5. APEX Repository Overview
  6. Out of the box development features
  7. SQL Developer and APEX

Getting Started with Application Express

  1. What is a Workspace?
  2. Different types of APEX users
  3. How to access APEX
  4. Application Express Components
  5. What is an Application?
  6. What is a Packaged Application?

Working with the SQL Workshop

  1. What is SQL Workshop?
  2. Browsing, creating and modifying objects
  3. Processing ad hoc SQL and PL/SQL statements
  4. Managing scripts
  5. Using the Utilities

Creating a Database Application

  1. Types of Application
  2. Components of an application
  3. Application Builder Home Page
  4. An Application's Home Page
  5. Creating an application
  6. Creating an application from a file

Creating Forms

  1. List the different types of application forms that you can create in Application Express
  2. Creating single entry Forms
  3. Creating Editable Interactive Grids
  4. Creating Master-Detail Forms
  5. Modifying a Form

Creating Reports

  1. List the type of reports that you can create in Application Express
  2. Describe the different ways of creating reports in Application Express
  3. Create an interactive report
  4. Create an interactive grid
  5. Create a classic report
  6. Create a report with form
  7. Create a faceted search page
  8. Linking a Form and a Report
  9. Modifying a Report

Understanding Pages and Regions

  1. What is a Page in APEX?
  2. Different Sections of a Page
  3. Page Rendering
  4. Page Processing
  5. Shared Components
  6. Page Attributes
  7. What is a Region?
  8. Lists, Breadcrumbs and Calendar Regions
  9. Positioning Regions

Working with Items and Buttons

  1. Types of page level Items (Text, Text Area, Checkbox, Select List, Radio Group etc.)
  2. Create and use page-level items
  3. Create and use buttons
  4. Creating a Report Filter

Adding Computations, Processes, and Validations

  1. Explain page rendering and page processing
  2. Create computations
  3. Create page processes
  4. Create validations
  5. Create branches

Understanding Session State

  1. Understanding Sessions
  2. Session IDs and APEX URLs
  3. What is Session State?
  4. Viewing Session State
  5. Referencing Session State in your Application
  6. In-built Substitution Variables

Working with Shared Components

  1. What is a Shared Component?
  2. Types of Shared Components
  3. What are List of Values (LOVs)?
  4. Creating Cascading LOVs
  5. Uploading and Referencing Images
  6. Application Items, Computations and Processing
  7. Editing the Navigation Menu

Using Themes and Theme Styles

  1. Describe themes and templates
  2. Explain the key features of Universal Theme
  3. Create and use a new theme
  4. Describe Universal Theme, Theme Styles, Theme Roller, and Template Options
  5. Use Theme Styles
  6. Use Theme Roller, and Live Template Options
  7. Upload and use a CSS

Oracle APEX Workspace Administration

  1. Workspace Administration Topics
  2. Manage Services
  3. Manage Users and Groups
  4. Monitor Activity
  5. Dashboards
  6. Workspace Utilization

APEX Security Features

  1. Explain how to secure your application
  2. Describe authentication and authorization
  3. Create and use an authentication scheme for your application
  4. Create and attach an authorization scheme to your application, page, or components

Introduction to Dynamic Actions

  1. What are Dynamic Actions?
  2. Create and use dynamic actions

Creating and Using Plug-ins

  1. Describe Plug-ins
  2. Implement Plug-ins in your application

Displaying other Content

  1. Oracle JET Charts
  2. Calendars
  3. Trees

Data Loading

  1. Create a data upload form for users
  2. Transform the data upon upload
  3. Validate and reject rows

Migrating an Application between Environments

  1. Describe the steps involved in migrating an application between environments
  2. Export the application definition, underlying database objects, and data from your development environment
  3. Import the application definition, underlying database objects, and data in the target development environment

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